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GarageNet® Valet

Proven Performance and Reliability

  • Wide range of hardware/software configurations handle all types of operations
  • Manage various parker types with separate rate schedules for each
  • Transient, Special Event, Monthly/Replacement, Pre-/Post-Paid Charge Accounts
  • Custom features can be created to your specification

There are a variety of standard reports covering ticket, revenue and traffic statistics. Many reports offer detailed parameters to select a specific location and/or date/time range. And all of the reports can be printed or saved as PDF and emailed or saved as XLS or CSV and opened with Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet applications. Additionally, Shark Byte Systems can create custom reports, which can then be run on demand by our customers.

Here is a partial list of features and functionality

  • Transient, Monthly, Pre-Paid & other parker types
  • Track Make, Color, License Plate, Customer Name, Vehicle Damage, etc.
  • License Plate Search for frequent parkers
  • Enter return time (Optional)
  • 4-part ticket (Claim Check, Rack Stub, Location Stub & Window Stub)
  • Payment by Cash, Credit Card, Charge Account & Pre-Paid Voucher
  • Advanced rating engine provides for flexibility for everything for basic hourly rates to complex specials with a variety of entry/exit time parameters
  • Ticket Search for customers who lost their claim check
  • Discounts & Validations
  • Retrieval Status Monitors display retrieval status in customer waiting areas
  • On-Unit – Open Tickets, Closed Tickets, Deposit, Deposit Summary, Daily Stats, etc.
  • Off-Site – View real-time and historical data for one or all locations from your office or home PC or on the go from your laptop PC
Additional Features
  • Compatible with Self-Pay POF Kiosks, Valet POS & Mobile Valet units
  • Seamlessly operate a mix of Valet & Self-Park at the same site
  • Reduce scope of PCI Compliance with end-to-end encrypted credit card processing