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GarageNet® Kiosk

Proven Performance and Reliability

The GarageNet Pay-on-Foot unit provides customer-friendly self-service checkout functionality with speed and simplicity. Customers need only to scan their ticket and pay by cash or credit card to complete their transaction and receive their receipt. Optional features and functionality include pre-paid reservations, Tap-To-Pay, payment by NFC card or device and a ticket/coupon scanner.

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  • Touchscreen Interface
  • Bilingual Menus (English & Spanish)
  • Retrieval Status Monitors Display Retrieval Status in Customer Waiting Areas
  • Increase Checkout Capacity
  • Eliminate Cashier Personnel
Flexible Payment Options
  • Accept Cash Bills
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Accept Prepaid Cards
  • Accept Discount Coupons
  • Accepts Tap-To-Pay
  • Scans Tickets and Coupons

GarageNet Net Valet Retrieval Monitor

GarageNet Self-Service Kiosk