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GarageNet® Mobile-Valet

Proven Performance and Reliability

The GarageNet Mobile Valet solution consists of a ruggedized tablet or ruggedized cell phone running Android OS, a mobile printer and the powerful GarageNet Valet software.

Mobile Valet units operate for a standard 8-hour shift between charges and have built-in options for both Wi-Fi and cellular data communication to meet your operational needs.

Mobile Valet units process check-ins, checkouts and run reports providing a complete stand-alone solution where mobility is required or infrastructure is limited.

All credit card transactions are processed using  PCI validated Point to Point Encrypting gateway (P2PE), providing superior security

All transaction information is securely transmitted via SSL to a hosted central database for storage and reporting using the GarageNet Back Office software, as well as to any additional GarageNet units on-site.

Further tailor your solution
with additional GarageNet components, including:

  • SMS Text Message Retrieval Requests
  • Remote Retrieval Printers
  • Retrieval Status Monitors
  • Valet POS Units
  • Self-Pay Kiosks
  • Self-Park Equipment
  • Real-Time Event Notifications with SharkWatch Alerts

GarageNet Mobile Valet solutions
include the following features and functionalities

  • Transient, Monthly, Pre-Paid & other parker types
  • Track Make, Color, License Plate, Customer Name, Vehicle Damage, etc.
  • License Plate Search for frequent parkers
  • Enter return time (Optional)
  • 4-part ticket (Claim Check, Rack Stub, Location Stub & Window Stub)
  • Payment by Cash, Credit Card, Charge Account & Pre-Paid Reservation.
  • End-to-End encrypted credit card processing protects cardholder data and reduces the scope of PCI compliance for merchants.
  • Advanced rating engine provides flexibility for everything from basic hourly rates to complex specials with a variety of entry/exit time parameters.
  • Ticket Search for customers who lost their claim check.
  • Discounts & validations.
  • On-Unit – Open Tickets, Closed Tickets, Deposit, Deposit Summary, Daily Stats, etc.
  • Off-Site – View real-time and historical data for one or all locations from your office or home PC or on the go from your laptop PC
Optional Features
  • SMS Text Messaging allows customers to request their vehicles by texting ahead.
  • Remote Retrieval Printers and Monitors notify the attendants of pending checkouts & retrieval requests.
  • Retrieval Status Monitors display current vehicle retrieval status to customers.
  • SharkWatch Alerts automatically email reports & notify individuals of specific events.